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Conversations with Charlie Dyer, Guest: Reshma Saujani
22nd March 2021 • Conversations with Charlie Dyer •
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Do you ever feel crushed under the weight of your own expectations? Do you often lose sleep ruminating over a tiny mistake or worrying about what someone else thinks of you? Do you run yourself ragged trying to do it all at home and at work, with a smile and not a hair out of place? Have you ever passed up an opportunity – a new relationship, new job, or new challenge – because you’re afraid you won’t immediately excel at it? For you, is failure simply not an option? In a book inspired by her hugely popular TED Talk, Reshma Saujani, author of Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder, says you’re not alone and she challenges women to look at their lives through a new lens.