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Social Media Tips For Mastering Your Online Presence
Episode 765th September 2023 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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There’s currently over 200 social media platforms, so how do you know which is the right one you should be on?

When it comes to working out which of those platforms you should be on, this all comes down to knowing who your ideal client is and where they're likely to be hanging out online. then putting an intentional content plan in place to engage with that particular client audience.

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast I’m going to share with you a presentation I did at a recent property management conference called the PPM Conference on the Gold Coast and the topic is based on digital marketing and making social media your superpower.

“I have a simple framework. I call it the three pillars of content and all of your content comes under these three pillars. People. Property and Personality - Kylie Walker

We explore:

  • My journey at the start and my experience with social media and speaking
  • How I built my business and my confidence to get back into sharing and speaking on social media
  • How to say goodbye to feeling stuck with creating content to posting consistently
  • How you can build trust with your content, show social proof and hook in potential clients with your social media 
  • How to be seen as the go to expert property manager and all you need to to get started to grow your audience
  • The formula I use to plan, create and schedule content and recommended scheduling tools 
  • Questions to support you in identifying your ideal client
  • The type of content you should be posting across your social media platforms
  • My simple framework: The three pillars of content (People, Property and Personality)
  • How to write your social media captions
  • The amount of times you should post your content per day
  • How to repurpose your content 


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