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Episode 11517th March 2021 • Alpaca Tribe • Steve Heatherington
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It is so easy to get excited about the thought of keeping alpacas, but what does it really take and are you right to be thinking about it?

Maybe, but let me see if I can put you off first. There is more to it than you might think!

We can get sentimental about the idea of keeping alpacas, understandably, given that they are such amazing creatures. However, we need to ask ourselves some serious questions first.

Have you got space?

  • space for grazing and housing etc.
  • space in your already busy life
  • space in your bank account

Issues to consider:

  1. Cost - can you afford to start and keep going?
  2. Commitment - they can live 20 or even 25 years
  3. Consistency - can you be there every day?

Be sure

Plan and answer the big questions.

If I haven't put you off, I hope you will love keeping them.

Go spend some time with an alpaca.