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Why Having Mental Health First-Aiders Isn't Enough #WMHD
Episode 268th October 2021 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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As people are heading back into the office, bringing with them the impact of 18+ months of chronic stress, anxiety, and burnout warning signs, there has never been a more important time to proactively support mental health in the workplace.

In fact, in the near future, UK employers will be required to take action to create a culture that supports psychological and emotional wellbeing.

But is training up Mental Health First-Aiders enough? And why might that be leaving things too late?

In this episode of the Soul-Led Leaders podcast, you'll discover:

  • Why Mental Health First-Aiders are a great initiative
  • But how these MHFAs are having their remit stretched beyond what is safe
  • What's missing from most organisations' mental health strategies
  • How the three pillars of burnout unlock the key to preventing the vast majority of mental health crises
  • And the one question that all employers need to ask themselves, to figure out what to do next

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Imposter Syndrome First-Aider training can be found here: