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Beyonce Is In On The Great Resignation Labor Trend & The Global Demand For Critical Minerals | TF308
Episode 30828th June 2022 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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We talk to Duncan Wood, VP for Strategy and New Initiatives at the Wilson Center, about the global battle to secure critical minerals like nickel, lithium and cobalt. Plus, JP Gladu, a prominent Indigenous business leader, joins us to discuss the roadblocks to accessing Canada's critical minerals, including solutions for a way forward. Also, we take a look at some hot tech for the sizzling days of summer. In Socially Speaking, we dive into the history of deliberate spreading of confusion and deceit known as agnotology and how it is affecting us today.  

Links to this week's stories and discussion:

  • [09:15] Duncan Wood:
  • [18:48] Apptastic
  • [25:38] JP Gladu:
  • [33:41] Hot Tech For Summer'=
  • [43:54] Socially Speaking: The Deliberate Spreading of Misinformation

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