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Crafting a Company That Outlives Its Founder with Josh Kanter
Episode 131st January 2024 • Savage to Sage • Daniel Fuller
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In this episode of Savage to Sage, host Daniel Fuller welcomes Josh Kanter, the entrepreneur behind Leaf Planner, for a deep dive into succession planning and the legacy of entrepreneurship. They explore the intergenerational challenges and opportunities faced by family-owned businesses, Kanter's personal commitment to building a mission-driven company, and the vital balance between personal identity and business sustainability. Listeners will gain insight into Kanter's sage wisdom on nurturing a business that not only thrives economically but also creates a lasting impact.

Key Topics

  • 00:00 - Overseeing family office, advising on legacy.
  • 05:07 - Left job to navigate through family challenges.
  • 08:03 - Navigating complicated legalities in the wake of father’s passing.
  • 12:00 - Creating Leaf Planner for helping families.
  • 16:45 - Handling unexpected loss and managing complicated affairs.
  • 20:47 - Providing financial planning solutions and navigating family inheritance discussions.
  • 26:45 - Experience informs entrepreneurial approach.
  • 31:20 - Building a mission-aligned, trusting team is crucial.
  • 33:08 - Founder's ego balanced with team and family.
  • 40:03 - Appreciate authenticity, challenges of entrepreneurship, belief in possibility.

Guest Bio

Josh Kanter is a Founder and CEO of leafplanner and Principal at Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services. He is multifaceted professional who navigates the intricate world of family wealth with a deft hand and a focus on legacies that extend beyond mere finances. He thrives on providing personalized guidance to other families, drawing on his profound understanding of the multifaceted aspects of wealth management.

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