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Marketing on Tap - Sensei Marketing EPISODE 30, 20th March 2019
Episode 30: Encrypted Messaging - Facebook No More?
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Episode 30: Encrypted Messaging - Facebook No More?

In a stunning about turn, Mark Zuckerberg published a privacy manifesto that essentially changes Facebook as we know it. By moving to end-to-end encrypted messaging, the public newsfeed that everyone has been using for the last 10+ years has basically been side-stepped.

While Zuckerberg states that "public Facebook" will continue in some form, he sees private, one-to-one or one-to-few conversations as the new standard. If this is the case, the implications for all users of Facebook - individuals, brands, advertisers, and more - could be huge.

In this week's episode of Marketing on Tap, we look at why Zuckerberg may be initiating this pivot, what it means for the future of the platform, and how businesses can get ahead of the curve before the chance is gone.

Settle back and enjoy this week’s topic, brought to you in the usual unscripted manner that you’ve come to expect when Sam and Danny take the mic.

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