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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Any Side Hustle
Episode 1410th April 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Episode Description:

Maybe you have an idea in mind, or maybe you’re just dreaming of side hustling after hearing your friend’s success stories or falling in fascination with a side hustler on Instagram. But before you get started, ask yourself these 5 questions to better refine that side hustle idea (or to help create one!)

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

I walk you through 5 simple questions to ask yourself before starting any business owner. These questions can be for seasoned business owners or first timers! They aren’t yes or no style. And they aren’t designed to discern if you should start a business. Instead, they are built to ensure your business is built for success. 

Key subjects inside this episode:

  • What you need from entrepreneurship
  • Various ways money flows in and out of business
  • Understanding our time and availability 
  • Taking inventory on our own skill sets
  • Defining our “worth-it” point. 

Notable Quotes From Today’s Episode:

“You don’t always have to turn passion into profit” 

“Operate a business that isn’t rooted in your life's passion, but built to bring more passion into your life by reaching your goals and earning income the way you want.” 

“Entrepreneurship is the only job you’ll ever have where you don’t receive a paycheck on day 1 from learning on the job.” 

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