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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 38, 5th November 2020
How to Grow a Successful Herbal Medicine Business with Vivienne Campbell
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How to Grow a Successful Herbal Medicine Business with Vivienne Campbell

This week, I interview Vivienne Campbell, a Medical Herbalist who has built a successful herbal medicine business. Her approach to creating a sustainable business with different income streams has allowed her to continue working during the pandemic. She also kindly agreed to be a case study in my new book ‘Your Holistic Business Recipe’.

Vivienne qualified as a medical herbalist in 2003 and has made it her full-time career since graduating. She teaches herbal medicine and wild food foraging and is also a professional natural cosmetic-formulator, consultant, and teacher. She’s an international speaker, presented on television, been interviewed for documentaries and written articles for journals and specialist publications.

Vivienne didn’t set out to have many strands to her business and found they developed as different opportunities presented themselves. She initially worked in the clinic full time, moved to part-time and in 2004 Vivienne started teaching in-person classes, by 2012 she was running 17 a year.

She also set up online courses and ran her first in 2015. Having the online aspects of her business has helped her to thrive during the current pandemic.

  • (01:28) What Vivienne does and how she built her business
  • (05:00) How Vivienne found her first clients/patients
  • (08:53) Vivienne’s approach to business and supporting its growth
  • (12:22) Understanding her market
  • (16:23) Sustainability in business
  • (18:40) In hindsight…

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