Safe Customers, Safe Payments with Heartland Payment Systems' Tama Looney
Episode 1528th September 2020 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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The pandemic has made it imperative for restaurants to completely rethink systems and processes. Payments are the starting point for any transaction, and in this environment, contactless options are critical. Tama Looney is a Brand Analytics and Customer Engagement Executive at Xenial and our guest this week on Order Up.

Tama discussed how the pandemic has changed what payments look like in restaurants, how restaurants are successfully coaxing customers to return, and why incentivizing employees to stay on amidst dangerous working conditions is key. Listen for actionable steps to keep both employees and customers safe.

  • (01:05) - Tama Looney, Brand Analytics & Customer Engagement Executive at Xenial
  • (02:32) - Industry-shifting changes
  • (04:12) - Socially safe restaurants
  • (05:29) - Huge shift to mobile
  • (09:03) - Alleviating customer anxiety
  • (11:17) - Sanitation meets technology
  • (13:49) - Inventory management
  • (17:04) - Challenges breed opportunity

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