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Three Winning Facebook Strategies That Will Grow Your Audience NOW, with Rachel Miller
Episode 15627th April 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Rachel Miller is an online entrepreneur, founder at Moolah Marketer, and a mom of six kids (in five years). She began as a mom blogger and went on to build audiences ranging in the millions. In a time when many business owners are at a standstill or slowing down, Rachel is trying not to drown in opportunity. Roland talks with her today and gets some great insight for our listeners.

“I am in high demand right now because I help businesses that are struggling.” Rachel Miller.

Listen today to glean energy from Rachel, and get some fast hacks to help your business! For more from Rachel, you can join her Facebook group here. If you love the podcast, please be sure to hit “SUBSCRIBE” and write us a review on ApplePodcasts.

During the Pandemic and a season of lockdown and stay at home orders, are you able to deliver your product right now? 

• If not, where is the breakdown, the failure point?

• Can you pivot to deliver it?

If the answer is No, it’s time to focus on lead generation so that you can launch into action as soon as possible.

“This is a great time not to take a 3-week vacation, but to double down and get your content ready, build your audience, love your community, get into your neighborhood Facebook groups…barrel down”. Rachel Miller.

Listen for 3 Solid Strategies To Help You Generate Leads

“Wherever Facebook’s attention is, wherever it’s easiest to ‘collect people,’ that’s where I like to be, and I like to be gaming it, growing it, and hacking it a little bit. Making sure we love and serve people”. Rachel Miller

1.  A Magic Facebook Live Formula

In a short Facebook Live, Rachel gets visitors into all of her lists. While she’s talking to people and answering their questions live, she has it all set up:

• Messenger gets back to anyone who comments, asking them for their email and SMS.

• A button at the bottom of the Facebook Live has a CTA that says ‘Join my group.’

• The link inside the LIVE drops them right into her FB group.

• Once in their FB group, if they’re new, she has it set up to get their email address. 

2. A low-cost Facebook Ad hack to drive long-tail Pinterest success. 3. The 3-part ‘Content Stack’ that enables Rachel to reach 60,000 people with her 20,000 strong Facebook group.

• A Three line conversation starter. 

• Followed by a micro reaction meme or photo.

• Then something they will share - such as a Tip video - so that they can share, and be the hero.

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