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Finding Inspiration When Everything Goes Wrong
Episode 33728th November 2023 • The Traveling Introvert • The Career Introvert
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Primary Topic: Dealing with a month where nothing is going right

- Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

- Difficulty finding inspiration

Primary Topic: Finding inspiration when things are not going right

- Focus on gratitude

- Difficulty in finding things to be grateful for

- Recognizing that it's not a competition

- Allowing yourself to feel emotions

- Validating negative emotions

- Managing negative emotions

- Practicing deep breathing

- Noticing the tendency to hold breath during stressful times

- Benefits of taking time to breathe

- Asking "what" instead of "why"

- Accepting that there may not be a good answer to why things happen

- Focusing on actions to create change

- Understanding that everything is temporary

- Accepting the impermanence of situations

- Finding hope in knowing that things will eventually end

- Using neutral language

- Practicing neutral thoughts and words

- Shifting focus away from the negative

- Disconnecting from social media and the outside world

- Taking a break from social media

- Avoiding isolation and maintaining connections with supportive people

- Engaging in mindfulness and activities you love

- Prioritizing self-care and relaxation

- Finding joy and inspiration in small things

- Embracing the belief that this too shall pass

- Maintaining hope in challenging times

- Keeping an optimistic perspective

Note: Each sub-topic can potentially be expanded or discussed further in the podcast episode.


Janice Chaka [:

Hello, and welcome to the traveling introvert. Have you ever had a month where nothing is going right? Everything's going wrong, things are breaking, stuff isn't happening, things you thought were gonna happen aren't happening? Things you didn't think were gonna happen were happening, and nothing was kinda going right? Everyone has times in their life when that kind of happens? And it's not even about feelings. It's just it is what it is, and it we can be really tough to keep going and or to find inspiration when these sorts of things happen, especially if they're truly out of your control? You might begin to feel overwhelmed an exhausted and tired and just, oh my goodness. No. Another thing? And it's really hard, therefore, to be inspired. And if you're creative? Even if you're not a creative, just being inspired to get up every day and continue going can be hard. So I wanna talk about things that you can do to help you get inspiration when things are just not going right? Focus on gratitude. And this can be really hard.

Janice Chaka [:

It might seem impossible, and it's not a competition. It's not like someone's having it worse than me, and someone's having it better than me. It's just sort of thinking about what you can be grateful or right now? And so you can focus on that. And part of that is allowing yourself to feel. It's perfectly fine to be angry or sad or cry or have any emotion that you want regarding the situation? However, feeling an emotion doesn't mean you have to act on it if it gives negative results? So you can allow yourself to be angry for, like, 20 minutes and then move on and learn to breathe through it? When going through sticky bad times, it might surprise you to know that you're probably holding your breath a lot without realizing it? Because you're you're there in anticipation waiting for the next thing. So take time each day to simply breathe, to sit and breathe? The oxygen you take in will enable your mind to work and you're gonna feel better because of that? Stop asking why. The biggest question it's why now normally when you're going through something? But that sometimes has no good answer. It just is.

Janice Chaka [:

So stop asking why and instead asking, start asking what? What can you do, if anything, to make the situation different or the situation more and then go ahead and do that. And please please please remember that everything is temporary. Nothing is unfortunately, including you? Things that can sometimes seem super sad those super obnoxious or super overwhelming are things that you can get through and will eventually end even if you don't I do anything? And bearing this in mind can make it easier to get through. Focus on neutral language is something that you can try. If you cannot bring yourself to practice positive self talk right now? That's okay. But instead, focus on making your thoughts and words more neutral. Neutral can make you more positive because you're not focused on the negative? And it's often easier to do when you're kind of in the thick of the issue. Disconnect for a while? For sometimes or for some issues, disconnecting from social media and the outside world for a little bit can help.

Janice Chaka [:

However, don't isolate yourself away from people who are good for you. You could also focus on mindfulness or do things that you love? If possible, even when everything else sucks, find ways to do things that you love. If you're stuck in bed sick, watch movies, read, or just use your imagination to dream up wonderful things? It can be so challenging to see the end of the road when life is weighing you down with thing after thing after thing happening? However, nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass. So you'll find inspiration in the smallest things if you just give it a try. Thank you for listening. This is Janice at the career introvert helping you build your brand and get hired. Have a great rest of the week.




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