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Lorrakon: Oversexed, overstrung and over there
Episode 725th April 2023 • Gay Music: In the Key of Q • Dan Hall
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London, UK. In the Key of Q is a music podcast, gaining popularity with its diverse content and engaging discussions. Hosted by Dan Hall, this week’s show features Lorrakon, a queer, non-binary, self-described “oversexed atheist” who discusses their experience growing up in Los Angeles and the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with the city and its people.

During the conversation, Lorrakon shared their views on identifying as “straight-acting” and reflects on their journey as a Queer child finding solace in the arts. The discussion also delves into the significance and politicisation of sex within a heteronormative world.

In the Key of Q provides a platform for Queer voices to be heard and celebrated. Listeners can support the show on Patreon and access exclusive content. The podcast is on Twitter (@inthekeyofq), Insta (@inthekeyofq) and Facebook (search: In the Key of Q).

The next episode drops on 2 May 2023 and features Jxckson.



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