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#146 Samantha Clarke, CEO and Author of ‘Love It Or Leave It’, on the New Way of Leading
Episode 14617th February 2022 • Hospitality Mavericks Podcast • Michael Tingsager
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It’s time to build some robust changes. Today’s guest, Samantha Clarke, is on a mission to create the next generation of change-makers, carving out a happier way of working with more purpose, meaning and intention.

Having been a previous guest on the show, it was fascinating to reflect on changes since our pre-pandemic conversation. Samantha runs workshops, talks, coaches, and is the CEO and Author of ‘Love It Or Leave It’.

I found this conversation really impactful as Samantha reflects on the new way of leading. Through self-management and reflection, we need to ensure we have the energy and systems for long-term change. Tune in to learn more about looking out for your blind spots, the power of recharging, wind-down routines – and holding space for your team.


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