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Conversations with Mike Milken - Milken Institute EPISODE 87, 28th July 2020
Ep. 87: Time to Reflect, with Larry Gagosian
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Ep. 87: Time to Reflect, with Larry Gagosian

“Many great artists have dealt with the tragedies and the turmoil of the time they lived in. I think the artist needs some time to reflect; you take it in, you process it, and maybe not consciously even, try to depict some horrible event that is filtered through your other experiences and your craft as an artist.”

As a champion of modern and contemporary artists, Larry Gagosian has literally created the space in which their art can thrive as never before. Starting with one gallery in Los Angeles four decades ago, his eighteen exhibition spaces are now found throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. In the process, he has launched dozens of artist’s careers. Recently, Forbes magazine named him one of the “100 Greatest Living Business Minds.”

“Things may have shut down,” he tells Mike, “But my job as a dealer representing these incredible artists – they need income. They have expenses, they have kids in school. I take it as a very serious responsibility to keep the ball rolling, not just for the benefit of my business, but also for the artists that depend on me for their livelihood.”