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Episode 17 - Melissa Pons
Episode 173rd January 2024 • Field & Foley • Ben Reichstein
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About this Episode

Today, I'm honored to welcome Melissa Pons, a dedicated field recordist and sound designer from Portugal on a mission to capture nature's symphonies. At the non-profit, she helps to curate submission to the now over 700 immersive natural soundscapes from all over the world. Melissa's own field recording adventures took her to the Rainforest and into a Wolf Rehabilitation Center, where she's documented the captivating sounds of our beautiful planet.

Her commitment to preserving Earth's wonders extends to crafting concept albums from her recordings and I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a listen!

Things we talked about on this Episode

About Field & Foley

Welcome to Field & Foley, the podcast that explores the world of field recording and foley art. I am your host, Ben Reichstein, and every two weeks I'm joined by a new guest from the wonderful world of sound. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, we'll answer your questions, share tips and tricks and tell stories about the people behind the sound.

But our show isn't just for sound designers – it's for anyone who loves to get a direct insight into the craft of audio recording! Together, we'll discuss the joy of going out into nature or staying in your studio and capturing your own material. Join us for lively conversation, insights, and inspiration in every episode of Field & Foley.

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