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Colin Harris ~ Exploration, Learning & The Great Outdoors
Episode 44th April 2023 • Recreation to Re~Creation • The Re~Creation Station
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Join us today as we run across Canada with Colin to explore his world of Exploration, Learning & The Great Outdoors. Founder & Executive Director of not-for-profit Take Me Outside, Colin has turned his passion for nature into a project that not only gets over 400,000 students outdoors every year but also helps school boards, educators and students make time outside a vital part of their learning day.

He has been the director of outdoor education at an Ontario-based centre in Haliburton, instructed canoe trips for Outward Bound Canada, and worked with Indigenous students in the Western Arctic Leadership Program in NWT. He has taught grades 7 & 8 as well completing a Master’s of Environmental Education & Communication through Royal Roads University. He is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Calgary as well as working full time in Banff to support the work of Take Me Outside. 

Colin's journey has been about uniquely inspiring connection to the land & people across Canada. Join us today to explore how he is turning his recreation into re~creation for the world.

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