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3 Steps To Creating Your Business Game Plan
Episode 18th July 2022 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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“He who sweats more in training bleeds less in war” - Malay Damania

Planning for a business is a lot similar to making a game plan on the sports field. Business is a game that has to be seriously played and won. 

In the first episode of Business Veda; Malay Damania articulates three steps that are needed to create a game plan for your business. He answers these pertinent questions:

  • Importance of understanding the "why" behind your business?
  • Why does one need a roadmap, strategy, and plan before trekking on an entrepreneurial journey?
  • How can being intentional with your actions in business can accelerate its growth?
  • What does it mean to be truly prepared for your business?


If you have been pondering and wondering over any of these questions, then this episode is where you find your answers! 

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