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Poarch Stories: The Churches That Made Poarch
16th December 2022 • A Place Called Poarch • Poarch Creek Indians
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A Place Called Poarch - The Churches that Made Poarch

From Baptist to Pentecostal to Episcopal, The Tribe has always had a strong connection to Christianity. Though the Poarch community was so small when all of these denominations got their start, they were still able to thrive. Their success was due, in part, to each denomination leader's willingness to allow the religion to adapt to the Poarch community's way of life.

Today, we hear interviews from the 1970s between Reverend Mace McGhee and Dr. Anthony Paredes. Mace tells about the vibrant history of Christianity within the Poarch community.

Time Stamps:

[1:35] - We learn a brief history of Reverend Mace McGhee.

[4:16] - The first Christian Church was Mars Hills Baptist Church in the 1800s. 

[10:00] - Baptist Churches came to Bell Creek first.

[13:00] - We hear an old interview clip from 1972 where Mace talks about the Baptist Church.

[15:00] - There were two Episcopal Churches brought to The Poarch community.

[19:00] - Mace tells a story about being raised in the Episcopal Church.

[23:45] - In the 1920s, the Holiness Church came to The Tribe when Brother Raymond Coon came.

[28:50] - A Company owned land that they allowed the Episcopal Church to use.

[32:00] - Mace tells us about some of the past Holiness Church pastors.

[35:20] - There were many different denominations of the Holiness Church.

[39:00] - The New Home Church has a long history. We hear Mace tell us.

[42:23] - In the 1950s, The Poarch Community Church began as a Mennonite Church.

[47:30] - Within the Mennonite Community, women were typically required to dress a certain way. But women in the Poarch Community didn't have resources to dress that way.

[52:45] - Churches quickly learned they needed to adapt to the Indian way of life.








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