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What Is International Foster Care? (feat. Krista Kesseler)
Episode 144th September 2023 • The Riverside Project Podcast • The Riverside Project
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Anytime there is news related to the border or a refugee crisis, we frequently hear this question: “How does our city serve unaccompanied minors and refugees that come to our country without their parents? Does this affect the foster care community?”

You may never have heard the term “international foster care” before, but this is a unique and important topic. You may be curious how the federal programs are run, how people can get involved, and how it’s different from domestic foster care.

This is why we’re really glad to have Krista Kesseler here to shed some light on the topic of serving youth through international foster care. Krista is the Community Outreach Specialist for the St. Jerome Emiliani Foster Care Program. In this episode, we dive deep into how international foster care works, how many children are served through international foster care in Houston, who it serves, and some practical ways we can get involved today.

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