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Healing through Leading a Soul Lead Life with Zofia Rennea Morales
Episode 9130th May 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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Stacy and Brenda talk with Zofia Rennea Morales about spiritual healing and how she recovered from Lyme Disease. What it mean to live a soul lead life. Living your spirituality daily and what this looks like. How do you know if you are sensitive and how can a person thrive in the world as a sensitive. How can a person bring a sense of mission into their work, even if they may not like their job or they don’t feel it’s their true calling. Finding fulfillment right where you are. What her definition of a miracle is.  How can we make them happen? Spirituality as a practical problem resolving tool. ZofiaRennae offers practical tools to solve problems. How we can move through a spiritual crisis.

ZofiaRennea Morales is an award-winning global strategist and former biophysicist. She had it all - a hi-powered career, loving husband, gorgeous properties, adventure, good friends, you name it. She was living the dream until her fast-paced life screeched to a halt and left her in pieces. Brought to the edge of death by undiagnosed chronic Lyme Disease, and was left bankrupt in every area of her life. Desperate for a miracle, Zofia cried her most heartfelt prayer "I will do anything to get better". This single prayer triggered an unanticipated kundalini awakening; a spiritual activation that unlocked Zofia’s gifts as an intuitive, healer, and mystic changing her life completely.

ZofiaRennea Morales is now the host of the talk radio program Sovereign Self and the creator of the Conscious Enlightenment Process. As a transformation alchemist and teacher, she guides clients to find the gold within their most painful life transitions, helping people from all backgrounds notice how life wraps the best gifts in the shittiest wrapping paper. Zofia’s scientific and corporate background appeals to clients who appreciate the way she integrates a pragmatic woo and real-life into her work. Seasoned with love and laughter, Zofia guides her clients through their own spiritual crises and onto their paths of passion and purpose with warmth, joy, tenderness, and play.

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