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CPG Bitesize Edition: Classic Vocal Swing - South African grooves - Climate Change Prayerfulness
Episode 24Bonus Episode13th December 2022 • Courtney Pine Global Jazz • Jazz Pod
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Welcome to the latest Courtney Pine Global Podcast Bitesize Edition! A coffee break’s worth of cool jazzy vibes to wet your appetite for the full show. Commercial free, and hand-picked by Courtney for a vibrant, and soulful listen!  This week: uplifting jazz vocals, mellow South African horn grooves and heartfelt Climate Change Activism...the holidays are coming folks and we've got your chill out covered!!

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[0'15] Hanka G - Them There Eyes (Universal Ancestry Tr8) Hanka G vc James Hurt pno Rashaan Carter bs Taru Alexander dr

My latest project was framed through the lens of an immigrant in the USA trying to unite people with different musical heritages. Regardless of our backgrounds, we all dream about love, happiness, and freedom.”  

[2'50] The Paxton/Spangler Septet - Water No Get Enemy (Olufem/Kuti) - Ugqozi EASTLAWN Tr5 (John “Tbone” Paxton tb Dan Bennett Kasan Belgrave sx Phillip J. Hale pno Damon Warmack bs Kurt Krahnke Sean Perlmutter dr Spangler perc Alex Harding Bari John Douglas tpt) 

Stalwarts of the Detroit scene for decades, trombonist John Tbone Paxton and his congas, percussionist foil RJ Spangler have been exalting an inspirational South African legacy since the 1980s. Continuing in various forms and with a myriad of players and guests they’ve built up an enviable reputation as true acolytes of such incredible talents as the late Hugh Masekela and Abdullah Ibrahim. 

[13'24] SONICA - Change It (Alexa, Zuraitis, Adamy) Outside In Music Tr6 Thana Alexa vc/perc/keys Nicole Zuraitis| vc/keys Julia Adamy vc/bs Ross Pederson Dan Pugach dr Antonio Sanchez dr/gtr/perc

A call to action on the climate crisis, featuring Alexa’s husband, 4X GRAMMY-winning drummer Antonio Sanchez.

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