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Showing Up As Your Authentic Self is More Important Than Fitting In l E26 Jay Williams
Episode 2618th January 2021 • The Struggle is Real: Adulting 101 • Justin Lee Peters
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Today’s guest is Jay Williams, the Founder of Maskless Men, an community based organization built for men to discuss the things we normally don’t get to talk about: break ups, emotions, family and parenting issues, sex, porn, the feeling of being inadequate, and more.

Jay started Maskless Men after he saw the need for men to have a place to open up, share how they’re feeling, and gain some reassurance.

In this conversation, Jay will talk about his 28 years of wearing what he calls masks.

After being the good child, the agreeable and pleasing boyfriend, the tough, macho man at work, the loud, confident, funny friend, Jay decided he had enough. He became exhausted acting as a different personality depending on who he was with. He built the courage to take off the mask, go on a journey of self-discovery, and start showing up as his true authentic self.

By listening to this episode, I hope you’ll begin to reflect how your upbringing may be affecting your relationships today, why showing up as your authentic self is more important than fitting in, and making a claim against outdated, harmful societal norm that men can’t express their feelings.


Key Takeaways:

[2:28] How Jay’s childhood influenced his commitment issues later in life

[14:55] Wearing different masks to fit into your environment

[23:57] Why can’t men talk about their feelings

[50:21] Having pride for being a male


Favorite Quotes:

[6:57] “I’m terrified that what happened to my mom and dad is what is going to happen to me.”

[29:21] “And he turned around and said...I want that too.”

[44:37] “When you are in your head, you’re dead.”

[53:20] “We are not our behaviors. Our behaviors are just a way of expressing what we are needing or feeling”



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