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Mindfulness for Sales - Jay Abbasi, Founder Jay Abbasi Consulting
Episode 2023rd September 2020 • Stories of Selling Human • Alex Smith
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Being present is an essential part of not only understanding ourselves better but it can actually help you in sales.

Jay Abbasi has had an extremely vibrant career path. He was a sales training manager for Tesla supporting over 550 employees in 24 states. He realized that his calling was in going out on his own to help sales people and organizations become more productive. He uses mindfulness coaching to help people build resilience, avoid burnout, and persevere in their workplaces.

He is a inspiring voice on LinkedIN and a warm communicator.

You'll learn how the heck mindfulness can help you in sales and why it's not just meant for monks in a temple. You'll learn how to better relate to your emotions and tactics for being fully present in your interactions. If you're curious how mindfulness applies to sales and also how it's uniquely human. Listen on!

Key Takeaways by Time!

  • Jay's story of how he felt drawn to the concept of mindfulness as a life calling (3:30)
  • Ways you can better understand what someone is feeling (6:07)
  • Jay's definition of sales built around problems/result (18:43)
  • The importance of trust in sales and what all great sales people do (21:58)

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