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Bryan Kramer, "Father" of Human-to-Human; Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Business Performance Coach
Episode 132nd November 2021 • The Narrativ • Geoff Galat
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Bryan Kramer is the co-Founder of H2H Companies. He is a renowned business performance coach, and a noted keynote speaker who has presented on the main stage at events all around the world, including Ted events. In his performance coaching Bryan teaches other speakers, entrepreneurs and executives how to up-level their storytelling.

Bryan is the author of two bestselling books, Human-To-Human and Shareology, that explore the changed landscape of interactions in the digital age, and he is also a contributor to Forbes.

Bryan was the president of Pure Matter, a marketing agency that did innovative powerful work for me at Tealeaf, and for many other companies in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Bryan’s story is powerful and insightful.

I think you’ll find it as fascinating as I do.