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The Role of GD&T in Revolutionizing the Engineering Industry with Tom Geiss
Episode 3510th June 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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In this episode, Lisa Ryan is joined by special guest Tom Geiss, the founder of GD&T Basics and a certified senior-level ASME Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing professional. Tom shares his journey from being an engineer in the automotive world to creating GD&T Basics, a resource that has empowered countless professionals in the engineering industry. He delves into the importance of standardizing communication and the practical use of GD&T, shedding light on the critical role of GD&T in revolutionizing the manufacturing industry's efficiency and standardization.*

**Lessons Learned:**

- Standardizing communication is crucial in preventing costly manufacturing issues and ensuring clear and confident communication in the engineering industry.

- GD&T is not just jargon; it is a language of precision that simplifies complex geometric requirements and provides a standardized way of defining functional geometric requirements.

**Key Themes:**

1. *Impact of Standardization:* Tom discusses the impact of specializing in niche areas and its benefits to individuals and companies. He highlights the significance of standardizing communication through GD&T in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

2. *Real-World Simplification:* The approach of GD&T Basics in simplifying GD&T through a real-world 80-20 training approach. It focuses on relating GD&T concepts to how professionals engage with them daily, making the learning process more accessible.

3. *Remote Team and Company Culture:* Tom emphasizes hiring for culture fit and self-motivation in a remote work environment. He discusses how virtual meetings, regular check-ins, and in-person meetups contribute to maintaining a cohesive company culture.

**Fun Facts:**

- Tom Geiss and his team at GD&T Basics have developed an outstanding culture of self-motivated individuals who work cohesively in a remote environment.

- The GD&T Basics team is a small yet powerful group of nine individuals who have successfully worked with many companies, from small machine shops to major global entities like Honeywell, SpaceX, and Disney Imagineering.

In this engaging episode, Tom Geiss shares his profound insights into the world of engineering and manufacturing and the human side of building a successful company and team. If you want to learn more about geometric dimensioning and tolerancing or want to connect with Tom Geiss, visit or find him on LinkedIn!




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