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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser EPISODE 259, 3rd November 2020
Episode 259 – Monica Weakley, eXp Realty and My Coach, Monica
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Episode 259 – Monica Weakley, eXp Realty and My Coach, Monica

Monica Weakley’s real estate experience includes being the owner and lead agent of The Weakley Team and holding a leadership position (Team Leader) at Keller Williams Advisors’ market center for five years. She coached and trained other agents to run successful businesses of their own. She is now with eXp Realty.

Today, Monica focuses on her own coaching business (My Coach, Monica – powered by The National Coaching League). Her specialty is coaching salespeople who want to grow their business through relationships. You can find her coaching 1-on-1 clients, leading small group coaching initiatives, and running online training webinars for larger audiences.

First, Monica dives into all the best parts of Cincinnati, Ohio. Did you know that sixty percent of the United States population is within a half-day drive from Cincinnati? Cincinnati is famous for its chili - it has cinnamon, chocolate, and nutmeg in it. There might even be a Skyline Chili in your town! Lastly, they have Graeter’s ice cream; it’s another hometown favorite for Cincinnati. 

Then, Monica reveals the journey she took to real estate. When Monica told her parents about her real estate dreams, they told her not to do it. However, she went for it anyway! When Monica was struggling with her real estate career, she moved brokers thinking that would solve it. Sadly, she realized that the problem was with herself, not the broker. Luckily, Keller Williams called and asked if she would join as an assistant team leader. 

Monica is a referral-based real estate agent. It’s possible to have a steady base of referrals. Too many agents believe that they have to be lucky for this to work out. We can be systematic in finding a loyal base of referrals. Monica knew that she wanted to write a book about how to do this. To prove her point, Monica relaunched her business in April. 

Later, Monica reveals the importance of conversations and relationships in real estate. Facebook is a fantastic tool for real estate agents. It’s a place where people show you what’s important to them and what they celebrate. For someone who wants to create relationships with people, it’s the perfect place to do it. 

There are two reasons that a person will give you referrals – they are invested in your success or know that you will take great care of their referral. Remember, there are deep roots that are underneath your referral. Ensure that you are showing up as a human being first; it will help you create healthy relationships. Secondly, we need to fly our real estate flag by demonstrating and educating people about what we do for a living every day.

Stay tuned as Monica explains the benefits of GhostPostr, why worrying is getting in the way of your success, and Monica gives advice for someone starting in the real estate industry.

  • “I am a relationship-based seller, and I work strictly on referrals.”
  • “Facebook is the number one business tool that has ever been given to us as real estate agents.”
  • “People need to know that you will take care of their referral.”
  • “Show up as a human being first.”
  • “The reason you aren’t getting more referrals is that you’re not being thought of.”
  • “We have to be purposeful.”

In This Episode:

  • [ 4:05 ] What you need to know about Cincinnati  
  • [ 6:15 ] Monica explains her journey to real estate 
  • [ 16:45 ] The importance of conversations + relationships in real estate  
  • [ 20:55 ] How to attract business + referrals from your Facebook audience
  • [ 25:15 ] Why worrying is getting in the way of your success
  • [ 27:50 ] advice for getting started in real estate 

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