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Earning Its Stars: Collaborative Law and the Nobel Peace Prize with Attorney Ashley Michael
Episode 58th December 2022 • Divorce, Healthy! • Attorney/Author Ashley-Nicole Russell
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The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) has just received one of, if not the highest honor: a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Advocates and professionals trained in this method of family law continuously and routinely speak about its benefits — the way it promotes respect of all parties, its ability to maintain civility in and out of the courtroom, and how it encourages empathy and understanding amongst all parties. 

On this episode of Divorce, Healthy!, we respect the National Adoption Month of November with bring in Ashley Michael, one of only 25 recognized adoption specialist attorneys in North Carolina and co-owner - managing attorney of adoption firm Michael & Russell, PLLC, joins her partner and co-owner host Ashley-Nicole Russell to discuss the need for respect and contempt, their success with collaborative law, the ways in which they see its positivity ripple throughout their clients’ lives, and the need for more familial courtrooms to adapt its policies.

“Areas are waiting for it. They're wanting it. They're needing it. They just need the attorneys who are going to provide it. And that's what we're working on now,” Ashley-Nicole says of the effort to spread the power of collaborative law. “I do think that it is an easy choice for clients once they truly understand [collaborative law]. What we have battled in the past is awareness — now we have it.” 

With the publicity the IACP is receiving from its Nobel Peace Prize nomination, both women are hoping this powerful form of conflict resolution will be more widely adopted in courtrooms across the country.

Tune in to this episode of Divorce, Healthy! with Ashley-Nicole Russell, Collaborative Attorney serving Beaufort, Raleigh, Wilmington and Greenville, NC.

💡 Featured Guest 💡

Name: Ashley Michael, Esq. 

What she does: Ashley is one of only 25 recognized adoption specialist attorneys in North Carolina, the co-owner and managing attorney of Michael & Russell, PLLC, the only collaborative family law firm and adoption firm in southeast North Carolina. Whether she is working on domestic, juvenile, or guardianship cases, Ashley uses her training as a litigator, mediator, and collaborative law professional to resolve people’s issues with empathy and respectability.  

Words of wisdom: “In collaborative [law], we are part of these people's lives that we're helping, and that's just a beautiful thing that we get to engage in.”

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