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As coronavirus spreads around the world, countries brace for impacts on their people, healthcare, and economies
Episode 411th March 2020 • World Bank | The Development Podcast • World Bank
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Update: This episode was recorded in early March and makes several references to the World Bank’s fast-track financing facility to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since recording, the value of that package has increased from $12bn to $14bn. The podcast may contain references to the earlier figure.

As coronavirus has rapidly spread around the globe – infecting more than 100,000 and killing more than 4,000 – healthcare systems and economies are coming under pressure. 

Of particular concern: Africa, where many healthcare systems are fragile and may struggle to provide care to the most severely-affected patients. For the latest, we get an on-the-ground view from Africa Centers for Disease Control Deputy Director Dr. Ahmed Ogwell – who has been traversing the continent helping countries prepare.  

In Washington, we hear from the World Bank Group’s Global Director for Health, Nutrition, and Population, Dr. Muhammed Pate, about an emergency support package the Bank has announced – valued at up to $12bn – to help countries preparing for or responding to the outbreak. 

And as always, we bring you the data driving this story. 

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