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Mistakes You're Making Hiring Your Vendors That Can RUIN Your Wedding - with Rachael Solomon of Bad Boss Bride
Episode 1313th May 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Welcome to the Step-by-Step Wedding Prep Podcast - The weekly show where we teach you everything you need to know to plan your wedding like a pro! 

On today's episode, we welcome Rachael Solomon, co-owner of Bad Boss Bride and we discuss hiring your vendors and why that's so important in determining what kind of wedding planning experience you’ll have. Hire the right way, and you’ll have a totally amazing experience. Hire the wrong way, and your results could be entirely different.

We discuss the NUMBER ONE THING you need to base your decisions on, which has nothing to do with money, and is often the thing couples overlook entirely…not even giving it a second thought.

In addition, Rachael and I discuss...

  • Common mistakes couples make when hiring their vendors
  • How there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hiring vendors
  • Why hiring this particular vendor last is a big no-no
  • Why it's so important to read every detail in your contracts
  • How to properly research vendors
  • What bad vendor reviews really mean
  • Why paying more money doesn't always mean better quality
  • How to determine if a vendor is a good match for you
  • What a vendor can do to see if you're a good fit for them
  • What happens if you face conflict with a vendor
  • How to address problems before they become major issues

Stay tuned to the end of the show when I ask Rachael 5 Fun Questions and learn more about her amazing career

To learn more about Bad Boss Bride or to schedule a consultation, please visit Bad Boss Bride

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