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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 19, 6th August 2020
Dune - Chapter 19

Dune - Chapter 19

It’s Piter’s special day! Mike and Derek spare no expense celebrating Piter’s promotion to Duke* of Arrakis. Long live the Duke*! This makes Jessica a loose end that has to be taken care of. Naturally the Harkonnens bring in the ‘C’ Team to get the job done. Once we get everyone's name straight it's a quick thopter ride over the shield wall.

  • Derek does a Hasmir Fenring impression.
  • Jessica, like all Atreides, pretends to sleep.
  • The Harkonnens are a hot mess.
  • Then the Glossary Game runs the gamut from supreme beings to Mike's grocery list.

*in all but name