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Episode 522nd January 2024 • Mavericks Do It Different Podcast • Paul Finck
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Life too often feels like it throws us more challenges than wins.

Just as we dare to dream, what feels like harsh reality hits us in the face. But does it have to be that way?

It can feel that we are being faced with insurmountable challenges however there is always a solution and just comes down to knowing how to find it.

Discover how I overcame my challenges, where my determination came from, and tasks that you too can explore that will help balance out your life.

Paul's Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Fear, Potential, And Success (02:46)
  • Perseverance And Belief In Overcoming Life's Challenges (07:35)
  • Finding Solutions (11:44)
  • Becoming A Maverick (15:45)

About the Host:

Paul Finck is The Maverick Millionaire™. Paul brings to the table a vast array of knowledge and skill sets from 36+ years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial life experience. He has consulted in numerous industries, including the Medical, Dental, Financial, Retail, Informational Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing and Speakers/Coaches/Trainers. He is a former mortgage broker, real estate agent and investor. Starting with a desire to be great, Paul learned from several of the biggest names out there and Dared to be Different – he dared to be a Maverick. His successes include moving multi-millions of dollars in Real Estate, and over $20 million in informational products. With his primary focus on multiple streams of income, he has built up several businesses in Informational Marketing, Network Marketing, Real Estate Investing and now speaks and coaches internationally, teaching others how they can create this success in their own lives while Doing It Different – The Maverick Way.

Paul is well known for his success and his awesome family, and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, CNN Live, The Jane Pauley Show, The Montel Williams Show, local Channel 8 and Channel 11 News, Parents Magazine, and most local newspapers in his home state of Connecticut.

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Paul Finck:

Hi everyone. This is Paul THINK THE MAVERICK millionaire OF THE MAVERICK university you're listening to Mavericks do with different podcast. Today I want to discuss living in the world with grace and understanding who has your best not to react to the world, how to move through life with passion and joy, reaching high levels of success and easily navigating the external world working against you at every stand. As you know, we do it different here in the maverick universe. If you want different ideas, different thoughts, different viewpoints, when you want different outcomes, when you want the life of your dreams, this podcast is for you. So grab your coffee, grab your notebook and let's get busy. You want success and the world says Not today, buddy. You want joy happiness freedom in the world says Not now. You want success in the world says not in the cards for you at the moment. This is what it often feels like as we live our life. We're focused to create more, more fun, more excitement, more passion. How about more money even. And we get started on the path we get moving down the road and bam, life hits us. We get sidestep distracted, pulled in so many different directions to the point we cannot see straight. We feel like whatever is happening is necessary for us to focus on, we instantly divert our attention from what we want to, to what we think we must. We feel we have no choice. We feel we have no real options. We take the hit and we figure well, whatever my dream was, it wasn't meant to be and we move on. After a while after this has happened to us over and over and over again. We just stopped dreaming. We don't even want to dare to dream because we know what will happen. More disappointment. More discouragement. What is the point you think? I see this all the time. And it's it's so sad to watch. From the inside of the drama from the inside of the scenario it is almost impossible to see see any possibilities. However, from my perspective, it is as obvious as the nose on my face. See a fish doesn't know it's a water, you don't know there's a way out. I think of the analogy of the fly the fly who dies on the windowsill after repeatedly flying into the windowpane desperately wanting to go outside, never looking around and finding the open door just a couple feet away. We walk around with blinders on oblivious to our own potential and the concepts that could change our future. Our loved ones future or even our whole society. Imagine if you will, that you are the fly flying into the window over and over again. Some people feel this is their life anyway. Not so hard to imagine. Now imagine your family is on the windowsill with you, waiting for you to break through that glass window and open up the whole new world for them. As you are on your last breath, one of your family picks up where you left off, following in your footsteps following your lead and begins to repeatedly bang into the window glass. You've been good to them your whole life. You've watched over them. You've never left their side. You've told them you love them every day of your life. And yet you still died on the windowsill. And so did everyone else of your family one by one, possibly for generations. I know I know. I feel the daggers the boat Wait a second and the what ifs? All I'm sharing is when you walk in fear with blinders on to the possibilities around you. You hurt more than just you. You hurt all the people around you far and wide for possibly decades. For so long. I felt like that fly. I was working hard. Work ethic integrity, love for my family, wife and children did all the right things. As far as the average world would attest to I was doing the thing that I was supposed to do. However, I was walking with fear and I was closed off to the possibilities of who I could have been. I'm fortunate to have been faced with what some would consider insurmountable challenges. I had six children, and they're six years old, and had the desire to live an abundant life with my wife and children by my side. They say you cannot have it all. Pick one, Paul, maybe two. Oh, you'll not get it all. passionate relationship with your wife, happy, healthy, successful children. All of us close and tight. Plus business and financial success is a pipe dream to what they told me. Yet, that's what I've been able to do. It wasn't easy. I had to step up my game face my fears, take massive action and build up a thick skin and a fierce resolution against the angst that would move against me. I took what some people considered high risk investments I considered i According to others, I gambled my children's future on real estate and business ventures. I was told to how dare I do this to my wife and children. My wife and I both traveled off and leaving our children in the care of others. Your places at home, they said to me and twice as often to my wife? Who do you think you are? They would say then when we created our first wave of success, I was told You're an idiot. This will never work. It'll never work long term. Watch what happens. It's all going to crash and burn. Then where will you be? Where will your wife and children be? Then with more obvious success? I was told I was crooked since no one can earn that kind of money legally or ethically. Now I don't say any of this with malice against the people who said it, or with a victim mentality they you should feel sorry for me. On the contrary, I am sharing this to let you know the journey is not an easy one. And most people buy into the BS that crumbled me with the weight of it all, or possibly could like crabs in a bucket. Most people get pulled down by the others in our society, who condemn anyone who's looking to succeed and ridicules anything that could be possibly done outside of their understanding.


So what to do? I can tell you what I did. I ignored them.

Paul Finck:

I decided I knew what was best for myself and my family and I didn't let them convince me of anything different. I had complete conviction of the path I was taking. And no one deterred me. No one would. Looking back, I'm not sure where the determination came from a combination. My wife's pure love and support. My desire to be a great husband and father are just pure blind optimism. I don't know. As I was told, how dare I, I thought to myself, How dare I not knowing there was a possibility I could give my wife and children a life of abundance. Knowing there was even a possibility. We didn't have to struggle for the next 20 plus years. With such a large family to support. How could I not? Okay, Paul, not everyone has that kind of conviction, that level of perseverance. I say, then let's get to work together to build it. Reach out to me, I can help you. You see, I wasn't born this way either. I wasn't always like this. I was an average student all the way through college with average vision of who I was, and what I was going to become. I was no one special. No one that I mean, no one could have predicted the life I would have had the life I now have. People say to me all the time, you don't understand. I have challenges you couldn't imagine. I tell them try me. You see, I overcame all odds to be here. Both my parents and my wife's parents were divorced. We had to figure out what a relationship looks like from scratch. Add to that the fact that we had three sets of twins and the odds are off the charts for us to have anything close to a happy relationship, let alone still be together. I have six children, I shouldn't be able to support them all successfully. And if I am this dance are not in my favor that they all would grow up to be productive members of society, drug free close to each other and all stable. So what gives? I talked about some core internal components that fortify the external strains of life, you've got to decide what you want crystal clear. Commit to it with all your heart and soul, then you've got to believe it will happen regardless of what the naysayers whisper or possibly screaming your ear. And last but not least, you've got to take massive action daily toward your committed dream. I know this looks too easy, sounds too easy, I know. And yet, it is the cornerstone of the maverick way. And it's all I teach. Let me touch on belief just for a moment in entrepreneurship and business overall, to be successful. I've learned a leap of faith is necessary at some point. For some of it, it's immediate, it comes right away. And for others, it comes down your road a bit as you grow and develop. But it will always happen, it will always be necessary to reach your next level in your journey. And truth be told, you will be challenged to take not just one leap of faith, you'll be challenged to take multiple leaps of faith over and over and over again. To take this leap of faith, you have to believe in yourself and your vision and your perseverance. And most of all, you got to believe that no matter what you will do all that's necessary to succeed. And know that you will never give up until you do. That delivers to you the faith to take the leap with confidence, which then in turn tilts the odds in your favor to succeed. And so we go one of the core principles in the maverick universe is there is a solution to every challenge. And this isn't just rhetoric. We truly believe it to the bottom of our soul, which enables us to flow from day to day, week to week, month to month without running from fire to fire looking to put them out. Because we know all will work out in the end. All will find a way. So what does this look like? It's the elimination of all excuses. That's for sure. The elimination of all objections. Everything you see as a limitation we see as an opportunity, which has not yet been realized. Most people believe they need money to get started. Not true. Most people believe they need credit or financing. Not true. Most people believe they need to hold on to their job and have a W two to get all these things to happen. Not true. When you know there is a solution every challenge all the challenges go away. As a maverick we say how can we invest? Or start a business or shift our living situation or a financial makeup without all the normal things people talk about? And we have found solutions every time? The How can I we have so many people come into our world with next to nothing and leave with abundance as if we plucked it out of thin air. Now we after all these decades been in business, finance real estate, do you think I might have learned some techniques and strategies and fine tune some processes to make things even easier? Absolutely. The challenges without you taking the leap of faith to explore the possibilities without the belief on your end that this is possible, so that you're then willing to take that leap and come and hang out with us maybe possibly join us with one thing or another. Nothing's gonna happen. Nothing's going to change. Over and above the methodologies I've already expressed. Let me share just a couple other tasks you can explore, to balance out life a bit between now and the time that you see us. After this discussion, and I gotta tell you after this discussion, and you're not running to my side running to come see us check it out what we have to do what we're doing to go live with each other. Well, I don't know what else to say. You've got to find us you got to spend the time. Find me I'm everywhere. And when in doubt get to one of my live events is the best way to get almost immediate results for yourself. So here's a couple things in the meantime that you can take action on. Make sure to create a schedule or routine. Be your own manager tell yourself where to report to when the reports work and what to be doing every day. Prioritize important tasks pay attention to income producing activity primarily and find your tribe for all who want a powerhouse of support and love, as well as results. Come join the maverick universe. Number four is that be positive every moment of every day, the alternative is just nasty. I know after all, I've said that most of you will not listen. And you'll you'll continue on your day continue on your life, thinking, No, we're not. Maybe you're special, your situation special, your circumstances are unique. And you'll say I don't understand, Paul, you're nuts. You're crazy. You wouldn't understand what's going on. Maybe you're experienced with one of these life altering components life's happened to you. I know the excuses, it's time to step up. How about this, a family member has been sick and unexpected care that you got to take care of, and you're feeling overwhelmed and responsible and things are being neglected. Maybe you're having a job loss or reduction in hours, and you're becoming discouraged at the prospect of finding anything good out there. Maybe a natural disaster unexpected emergency occurs and you're becoming anxious and stressed out is the I've experienced all these things. And at the very least, I've helped hundreds of people in the same scenarios that you're in now find a path to real freedom. Trust the process, reach out. Now's the time to change your future. Here's the rest of the story after all that I've done, because I decided what I wanted so many years ago, because I committed with all my heart and soul to the journey. Because I believed in the path I was on and never faltered because I took consistent persistent action over time. My family has lived in abundance for the last 20 plus years, my children have all gone to some of the best colleges in the country, affording them this the best of opportunities, with no debt delivered to them because I paid their way. And I was able to gladly all My children have bright futures of love and health and prosperity ahead of them. There are millions of others around the world. I've also been able to touch with my love and compassion with my knowledge and training and inspiration. And their lives have been changed forever.

Paul Finck:

All this happened because one day I decided not to live in fear. I decided not to let others dictate my future. I decided to step up and took the leap of faith. Now it's up to you. Now it's your Leap. I want to end by reading the maverick manifesto which sums up so much of what we do here and who we are about the maverick manifesto. A Maverick is confident. They believe in themselves take 100% of responsibility for their action and play the game of life for everyone to win. A Mavericks goal is to create a better life for all they always play at a level 10 to reach their fullest potential not for themselves, but for the world around them. They control their emotions. Eliminate the whining and complaining rise above the internal chit chat and create a winning can do will do mentality. They believe there's only two outcomes in life results are excuses and they hate excuses. They approach life differently at counterintuitive approach to life and business. A Maverick focuses on making a difference by thinking different being different and doing it different. They rethink reconnect, reinvent and redesign to explore their company, their community and their world to another level. How Maverick dares to go beyond their comfort zone. Beyond their personal limits and even beyond the limits of their own imagination to reach the extraordinary Maverick faces challenges head on understanding there is a solution to every challenge. And the more solutions they create, the more abundance they will have. Being a Maverick is a lifestyle. It is who you are. You believe in your values, ideals, dreams, visions, and most of all you Believe in yourself, you know the fight is worth it, which is why you will never stop. A Maverick is ready to take on the world to create the greatest world possible, with conviction, courage, confidence, and unstoppable resolve. This is who I choose to be. I am a maverick. Don't let the excuses hold you back any further. Come join us live as soon as possible. Take action to change your life now. Let's create a better tomorrow for all of us. Are you ready to do it? Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready and excited to be a maverick? We're so excited. You're on this journey with us. And thank you so much for tapping in and being a part of our community and listening to this week's episode of Mavericks do it different. We really appreciate you and the time that you spend. Please, please please share this with the world. share us on Facebook and Instagram so that the maverick universe can continue to expand. And so you can continue to expand as well with us and we're able to share this throughout our universe. Please join us next week for another amazing episode of Mavericks do a different podcast so that we can keep learning and growing together in our community continues to support one another towards the goal of creating a better world for all. Share this knowledge. Remember to do it different every day and continue to be a maverick. Till next time, everyone




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