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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 152, 10th May 2021
Pod 152: In the Booth with Jeremy Hitchen
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Pod 152: In the Booth with Jeremy Hitchen

If you expected a mere two parts for an interview with the legendary Jeremy Hitchen then you should have expected the unexpected! Our third and final interview covers Jeremy's return to the world of Terrahawks in audio form– available from Big Finish and the Gerry Anderson Store– plus some Facts which are FAB, some listeners who are Podsterons, and an -Iser which is Random! It can only be the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

01:07 Welcome to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

04:25 FAB Facts blows up one of our favourite vehicles

11:35 ATTENTION Podsterons! Send us an email

20:32 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

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31:30 Jeremy Hitchen – Part Three

48:10 ALERT Podsterons! Give us a tweet!

50:28 Chris Dale and his Startling Randomiser irritate Commander Shore

1:14:38 Wrapping things up!

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Jeremy Hitchen's Foodie Festival

Eaglemoss Space 1999 Eagle

Five Star Five - AVAILABLE NOW!

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