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E:61 Pat And Shielagh Clark
Episode 1312th July 2021 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Today’s Guest's are Shielagh and Pat the owner's of a successful business called Precision Pro Wash, and now there ready to share some of the behind the scene on how they got to where they are now...

And now let's take a look and see what else we have planned for this week's episode...

-The systems that run there amazing family and business...

-How to make a seemingly impossible dream come to life...

-Funny stories of their hiring process and first employees...

In today's episode we talk about so many knowledgeable things that you can take away from so if your ready to fight for your business and become successful your in the right place welcome to The Fight Club 4 Business podcast...

Time stamps

Marketing 4:15

Finance 13:20

Systems 27:11

People 37:05


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