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Why You Get Objections
Episode 1159th August 2022 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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If you sell or promote anything, you've probably experienced some sort of objection or resistance. So how do you respond to objections? If you're expecting some scripts to memorize, you won't find them here today. Instead, you'll understand the three reasons you get objections and how you can fix them. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't get objections at all? That's how you need to think about it. So let's dive into this episode. 

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“The bigger the brand, people automatically assume that you can get them the result.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Why you get objections

02:26 You don't need scripts if you solve these three things

03:21 The background story of how this idea came about

06:18 Reason #1: Your BRAND is just not big enough

08:19 The number one problem with most entrepreneurs

10:05 Here's an indication that your brand is not big enough

14:01 Reason #2: Your PRESENTATION is not good enough

16:20 Three things you need to make your presentation good enough

19:23 Reason #3: Your CLIENT just doesn't know how to decide

21:43 The reason Sharran is sharing this with you

23:10 A question for you: What is the biggest upgrade you can make right now?

23:25 Quick recap of the top three reasons you get objections


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