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Guest: Paul Carter, Nixon Historian & Author
Episode 144th December 2023 • Big Conversations, Little Bar • Mutual Broadcasting System LLC
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It’s a deep dive into the life of former President Richard Nixon on this week's episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar. Hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence sit down with author and attorney Paul Carter as he discusses his new book, Richard Nixon: California's Native Son. Join them as they explore Nixon's upbringing in Southern California, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of his life before the Watergate scandal.

Discover Nixon as a young and well-liked individual, unraveling the causes he passionately advocated for as he matured. Through their conversation, Carter provides captivating insights into what drove him to chronicle the President's life and invites listeners to reconsider their perception of Nixon. Was it simply a personality flaw that ultimately led to the downfall of his presidency? It’s another thought-provoking episode, recorded live at Skip Paige's Little Bar in the heart of the Coachella Valley universe. Prepare for an engaging exploration of Nixon's life and legacy that might just reshape your understanding of this intriguing figure in American history.