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Social Post - MeetEdgar 26th August 2020
The Power of Listening to Your Customers with the CEO of Flodesk Martha Bitar
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The Power of Listening to Your Customers with the CEO of Flodesk Martha Bitar

Martha is the founder and CEO of Flodesk, a platform founded to serve businesses email needs.

And as you can tell from this interview, she passionately believes in putting the customer first, building content strategy around your community, and having an all around customer centric attitude.

We just love her ambition and how she leads by doing and iterating. Her down to earth approach to business and marketing makes us think how more people should ditch the marketing plan with a gazillion pages and jargon.

Instead, draft a simple one with clearly defined goals. Remember, the tactics you employ to reach these objectives may evolve, but you need to know what you are working toward. And that should always be working towards community and products that can support your community.

Learn more about Flodesk here: https://flodesk.com/

Learn more about Martha Bitar here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marthabitar/

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