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The Mustang Man – Giuliano Zuccato – Re-Release
Episode 9527th May 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Auto Care A very special re-release of a Remarkable Results Podcast from November 2016. This is a very interesting story and a very interesting person. Giuliano Zuccato, at the time of this interview, was a spirited 84-year-old and weaves his story as a young man, immigrating from Italy to Canada and, ultimately, a job in the Ford design studio where he was a sculptor on the Iconic 1964 Mustang. Listen to Giuliano speak to the talent of the sculptors as they took the engineering drawings and design sketches in two dimensions and turned them into a three-dimensional model. Watch Complete YouTube Video HERE.
  • Giuliano's immigration to the United States and entry into Ford (00:06:15) Giuliano's immigration to the United States, his struggle to find work, and his eventual entry into the Ford Motor Company.
  • Giuliano's work at Ford and the creation of the Mustang (00:19:39) Giuliano's work at Ford, the skills required for clay sculptors, and the creation of the iconic 1964 Ford Mustang.
  • Inside the Ford Design Center (00:23:25) Giuliano's description of the Ford Design Center, the use of hot clay, and his work in different studios.
  • The Mustang Design (00:24:01) Discussion of the design process and key individuals involved in creating the 1964 Ford Mustang.
  • Clay Sculpting Process (00:25:29) Explanation of the industrial clay used, its application, and the physical toll of sculpting.
  • Selecting the Design (00:26:49) Anecdote about the selection of the 1964 Mustang's design and the involvement of key figures.
  • Father of the Mustang (00:28:03) Exploration of Lee Iacocca's role and significance in the creation of the Mustang.
  • Engineering and Marketing (00:30:09) Discussion of the technical considerations and marketing strategies for the Mustang.
  • Legacy and Impact (00:32:41) Reflection on the Mustang's introduction and its long-lasting impact on car culture.
  • Passion for the Mustang (00:33:19) Giuliano Zuccato' s personal experiences and interactions with Mustang enthusiasts.
  • Innovative Model Making (00:41:41) Development of new model-making techniques and their impact on car design.
  • Work Beyond Ford (00:43:50) Giuliano Zuccato' s involvement in the creation of other vehicles and his post-Ford career.
  • Icon Productions (00:46:43) Giuliano Zuccato' s current endeavors with icon productions and inspiring others through his experiences.
  • Inspirational Message for Inmates (00:47:46) Giuliano's outreach to inmates, sharing his story of resilience and hope.
  • Keeping the Spirit Young (00:49:41) Discussion on maintaining a youthful spirit and living in the moment.
  • Ten-Year Business Plan (00:51:32) Giuliano's aspirations for a film about his life and the Mustang, and a possible Broadway musical.
  • Connecting with the Arts (00:54:11) Giuliano's involvement in music and the arts, including hosting singing events at his home.
  • Inspiring Others and Future Plans (00:55:21) Giuliano's efforts to inspire and help others, including plans to visit VA hospitals and organize a caravan.
  • Funding and Technology (00:57:31) Discussion about funding mechanisms and Giuliano's proficiency in technology.
  • Route 66 Dream (01:01:22) Giuliano's dream of organizing a caravan of Mustangs to visit VA hospitals along Route 66.
  • Meeting Car Legends (01:02:30) Giuliano's interactions with Carroll Shelby and his work on Shelby Mustang editions.
  • Gratitude and Farewell (01:03:44) Giuliano expresses gratitude and bids farewell.
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