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Being a road comic
Episode 22819th May 2024 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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An interview podcast giving the inside scoop of what happens in comedy scenes across the globe and dedicated to speaking to the mavericks in the comedy world. In this episode, we speak to Veteran road comic, Stewart Huff, a remarkable and amazing comedian with many tales to tell. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[10:07]] The clubs in America now [[14:10]]

[[14:57]] Every stereotype about different parts of America is worse and better than he thought[[19:35]]

[[28:26]] Turning people who are against your joke [[30:01]]

[[30:08]] Turning different crowds around to your way of thinking [[33:05]]

[[38:55]] Getting bar show people on side [[53:11]]

[[51:19]] Craziest moment in comedy [[60:44]]

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