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How to Become a Bulletproof Entrepreneur with Dave Asprey
7th December 2015 • Hack the Entrepreneur • Jon Nastor
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My guest today is a biohacker, author, nutritionist, Bulletproof Executive, and entrepreneur.

He had some early adventures in internet commerce going way back to 1994. But he is most known as the founder of Bulletproof Executive, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet.

He began blogging at in early 2010 while holding an executive position at Trend Micro. In 2013, he left the corporate world and went all-in on becoming Bulletproof.

The company bootstrapped itself into a global leader. In July 2015, they opened their first Bulletproof Cafe, and raised $9 million in funding to the expand the Bulletproof Nutrition coffeeshops.

He is also the host of the enormously successful Bulletproof Radio podcast.

Now, let s hack …

Dave Asprey.

In this 44-minute episode Dave Asprey and I discuss:

  • The importance of doing one little thing every day to improve yourself
  • Intrapreneurship as a means to become a better entrepreneur
  • Being a mission-driven entrepreneur
  • Dave’s daily gratitude practise
  • Should kid’s drink Bulletproof coffee?

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