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Episode 28629th February 2024 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 286 - Co-Founder and CEO of Global Street Art Lee Bofkin jumps in the quiz seat this week to give his very illuminated thoughts on a variety of topics including the role and impact of influencers, the concept of price negotiation, the significance of mentors and the relevance of terms like 'Digital Nomads'.

We touch on political power dynamics in Russia and China, critiquing absolute power and the retreat of democracy, as well as lighter topics like the concept of 'working in your garden' ; Pippa asks could that a euphemism for something more promiscuous perhaps? ;)


00:00 Welcome to BoB quiz

00:39 Discussion on Influencers

01:48 Thoughts on Russia and Price Negotiation

03:05 Views on Mentors and Silicon Roundabout

03:39 Insights on Corporate Social Responsibility

04:54 Opinions on Client Lunches and Free Ports

05:34 Working in the Garden and Digital Nomads

07:19 B Corps and Carbon Offsetting

09:45 China and Planned Obsolescence

11:43 Final Thoughts and Quiz Score

11:57 Closing Remarks

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