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How to Get the Perfect Paint Match; Timeless Design--Morris & Co. Wallpaper; Last Minute Gift Guide
Episode 33716th December 2023 • The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show • Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson
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How to Get the Perfect Paint Match [00:00 - 09:41]

RepcoLite specializes in matching paints and stains (and more!) but not everyone is aware of that. So we're letting you know because color matches can be life-savers! Maybe you need to repair some damage on a wall, or maybe you need to replace a piece of trim. A color match can make those repairs flawless. But to get the best results, there are some things you can do to help!


If you're matching paint on your wall or trim, bring us a sample of the actual paint on the surface. So, bring in a piece of the trim if you can. If the color you need matched is on the wall, cut out a piece of the face paper from the drywall. Be careful--you'll need to patch it later--but grab one from an area that's been exposed to the light. Don't grab one from a closet because it might not match. Just try to find one from an out of the way spot to make your patch easier!

If you're matching wallpaper, wait until you've got your actual wallpaper in hand! Don't match from a book or from a sample.

If you're matching to an old gallon of paint, don't bring us just a cutting from the label or the paint formula. Instead, bring the whole can with you! If there's wet paint in there, we can make any number of samples!

Finally, bring as much as you can--don't be embarrassed. Bring your comforters, your pillows, your couch cushions!


My kids use that phrase to let me know that I need to be patient--I need to let them have time to plan, to think, to work. Same is true with color matches! Sometimes we can crank them out quickly. Other times, it takes some time to dial it in. So, drop off your match and then run some errands! In a couple hours, we should have it ready for you!


Last bit of advice: call ahead and tell us what you're working on. We'll tell you what you should bring us for the best results!

Timeless Design: Morris & Co. Wallpaper [09:41 - 18:59]

Wallpaper is something we talk about a lot. And in the recent past, we've talked about contemporary designs. We've wanted to focus on how wallpaper is current and trendy and definitely something to check out. But we haven't focused on another superpower of wallpaper: to connect us with history and tradition!

Morris and Co. Wallpaper draws its inspiration from designs from over 100 years ago. And it's still available for purchase today. In this segment, we talk about William Morris, the founder.

Also, as we mentioned, RepcoLite is one of only 2 places in Michigan where you can order Morris & Co. wallpaper! We've got their books in our Fulton Street store in Grand Rapids, and our Lakewood Blvd. location in Holland.

The 2024 Last Minute Gift Guide [18:59 - 39:21]

The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show Gift Guide is an annual classic. This year, here's our list of gifts to consider:

BOY and GOING SOLO by Roald Dahl

Children's author, Roald Dahl, wrote his autobiography in two different volumes: Boy, and Going Solo. These books are not your average, boring, dry, autobiography. They are short stories of events from Dahl's childhood (Boy) and his time in the RAF in the war (Going Solo). The stories are beautiful, funny, sad, and profound. They are amazing books and can be shared with anybody--you don't need to be a Roald Dahl fan to enjoy them! Find both of them in one volume, right here.


Looking for some fun on a zip line? Want to run an obstacle course as a team-building exercise or maybe just to establish dominance in the office? Either way, TreeRunner Adventure Park is located right in Grand Rapids and is something you should check out!


I make this recommendation every year . . . but that's because it's so good! It's my favorite subscription and I don't want to live (or work around the house) without it! Best of all, it's easy to give as a gift. Learn more here.


Are you losing things on a regular basis? Maybe the car keys? Maybe your wallet? Apple Air Tags price out at $29 to start and they will allow you to track misplaced items using your phone! Check them out here.


You've got to see these to believe them . . . . But I bought one of these immersive crate experiences and my family spent about 8 hours deeply involved in a believable, engaging mystery. We pored over maps, letters, newspaper clippings and other amazing items, trying to crack codes and solve a mystery. It's not inexpensive . . . but my kids are still talking about it 2 years later. It's well worth the money! Visit the website here.




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