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15 reasons to stop worrying about social media engagment for your pet business
Episode 19916th April 2024 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Do you find yourself worrying around how much engagement you have on your social media accounts?

This is a topic I find comes up repeatedly on social media, in Facebook group conversations, and in the coaching calls I run in my membership.

Pet professionals who are doing a brilliant job of caring for animals and supporting their clients, making brilliant products that make a difference.

Yet they become tied up in knots with social media, trying to keep up with the ever changing demands of platforms run by billionaires.

Social media is an incredible free tool to get your work seen, but it can also cause a lot of stress and frustration.

One thing I wish wasn’t a cause of this is engagement. 

In this podcast episode, I’m talking about why I would LOVE for you to let go of any concerns you have around this, so it doesn’t hold you back, and so you can show up as the brilliant pet pro you are.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

1:23 - The challenges pet professionals share about social media engagment

2:38 - What is social media engagement

5:24 - Why worrying about it can hold you back

7:10 - Why normal people don't care about social media engagement

8:35 - Would a lack of engagement stop you from buying?

9:24 - Even social media experts struggle to get engagement

10:13 - Remember, you're a pet pro, you are not a social media expert

11:51 - Worrying about a lack of engagement means you’re not getting seen

13:36 - People can discover you on social media and then come OFF social media to find out more about you

15:09 - It takes 10 to 15 touchpoints for people to decide to buy from you

16:42 - Pet parents need to know the available choices

19:08 - You want to dilute the aversive messages that are out there

20:25 - Social media is a little bit like quicksand

21:09 - Remember that people are lurking

22:24 - Engagement doesn't pay the bills and an engaging post may generate no money

24:29 - You're winning just by showing up as research shows many people don't even bother

25:22 - Be brave and post what you really want to say and you might surprise yourself

27:11 - Sometimes it's just having a little confidence boost

29:01 - Podcasts to listen to if you'd like to feel inspired

31:15 - Final thoughts on posting and feeling confident

31:40 - How I can support you in feeling more ok with self-promotion

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