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The Variety Artist with John Abrams – Weekly chats with inspiring Performers - John Abrams EPISODE 120, 23rd August 2020
Phillip Huber – A Peek into the Puppeteer’s World
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Phillip Huber – A Peek into the Puppeteer’s World

Phillip Huber is an internationally recognized "Artist with Marionettes" and is most known for his work in the 3-time Academy Award Nominated film BEING JOHN MALKOVICH.

He's worked with Ellen DeGeneres, Donald O'Connor, Phyllis Diller... just to name a few.

He's performed in France, Brazil, Israel and so many more.

Truly Art in Entertainment.

In this interview, we talk about…

  • His early years with a hand puppet
  • His first job that lead him to TV, Stage & Theme Parks
  • His Philosophy on puppetry for adults and children
  • How he got On Broadway
  • Great stories about his movie career
  • And some unexpected facts

To see Phillips newest project, go to --->


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