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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 48, 25th September 2020
3 steps to gain clarity on your next level calling and purpose
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3 steps to gain clarity on your next level calling and purpose

048 - 3 steps to gain clarity on your next level calling and purpose

Today's episode is about the topic of next level calling and purpose. This is for you if you are either on the verge of a new level in your existing business and you are missing clarity what it is and how to implement it. Or if you have to decide between two (or more) businesses in order to put your energy into the one aligned with your purpose.

This can be a tricky place to find yourself in and not having clarity can create anxiety, frustration and other heavy feelings. Listen to my three steps to get yourself out of this place and ready to step into next level purpose!

If you want further support with that, ask me about my 10 day Group Intensive for established entrepreneurs going towards continuous 10, 20, 30k months. This is for you, if you are on the verge of your next level and want a short and intensive container to gain clarity and do the aligned action steps with ease and flow instead of hustle and overwhelm to create your next level in business. Grounded Euphoria is now available with a discount of 500€ until the 1st October 2020. The Group Intensive takes place the 16th to 27th Nov 2020. Reach out to me here: https://lydiawilmsen.com/contact/

Enjoy the episode and much love!




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