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The State of Women in Finance
Episode 38th June 2020 • Deal Us In • McGuireWoods
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Modern times have shown significant changes when it comes to women in the workplace. More females are getting promotions and career advancements compared to decades ago. Companies are implementing programs that not only support women but also promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. And, while notable gaps remain, the climate for women in the workplace is consistently improving.

In this episode of Deal Us In, McGuireWoods’ Phyllis Young speaks with Yasmin Huebinger, Senior Vice President with Capital One. Yasmin discusses her personal experiences as a career woman and a leader in her institution. She shares a number of factors that have contributed to her success, including cultivating the ability to remain calm and focused even in times of high stress. When conducting deal transactions remaining focused is paramount, along with possessing emotional intelligence – a quality too frequently missing in professional settings.

Yasmin also provides pointed advice to those committed to increasing the number and visibility of women in their firms. Research has consistently established that a more diverse workforce yields higher financial returns, at times surpassing the industry average. Instead of obsessing over attracting the best candidates, companies should double down on retaining talent by providing better benefits and encouraging work-life balance.

She shares strategies that can help women advance in their organization, which she boils down to two points: being willing to ask for what you want and being more proactive. Yasmin emphasizes the importance of building relationships and being vigilant about acquiring mentors/sponsors who will speak on your behalf and advocate for you when opportunities arise. More women in leadership means more influence on critical decisions that can address issues including gender inequality and the gender pay gap.

The discussion wraps up with Yasmin providing advice to her younger self, which is to not be afraid to take more risks. And, to stop worrying about money, that part will work out in the end.

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