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How to Prepare for a Recession in Your Restaurant Business
Episode 5013th July 2022 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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Let’s talk about the recession. Are you asking, “What recession?” The talking heads and our government officials are all saying we are in a state of high inflation, and we could go into recession soon. How bad a recession or how long or short lived, no one knows. While I am not an economist and am not qualified to make this statement, I am going to tell you we are in a recession. I’ve been through enough of these cycles to feel confident in that statement. In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I am going to define the terms and indicators of a recession, and how the lessons of the past should be informing our future, including how we handle what comes next. Listen to this episode to learn what the tried and true systems and preventative measures are for managing what comes next. Plus I’m going to share with you what the members of my coaching program are doing to gear up for what has the potential to be another knockout punch to our industry that still hasn’t stabilized. They’re putting plans in place so they can thrive instead of feeling sorry for themselves, and I hope you’ll find inspiration from all of it.

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