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EPISODE 21 | Faith Some More feat. Chris Bovey and Bryce Neusse
21st December 2020 • RANGE • Range
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Got some hot pod-on-pod action this week. We were joined for this very special Christmas-adjacent podcast by Chris Bovey and Bryce Neusse of the Broken podcast.

We talk about how the dudes lost their respective churches but rediscovered their faith in the wake of George Floyd, and how they feel like their calling now is to slay the biggest hypocrisies in the evangelical faith while considering themselves evangelicals.

For them it comes down to trying to live a life that is less like Joel Osteen and more like one Jesus Christ (For our unreligious listeners: he was the guy on the cross).

Luke also opens up about his childhood in the evangelical church, the traumas that pushed him out and his hope for more people like Chris and Bryce. Friends, it’s A LOT.


Chris and Bryce feed houseless neighbors on Pacific and Division Sundays at 11


Broken podcast

Spokane Vintage Prints

Background on the Halabja Massacre (BBC, Wikipedia)


“God Bless us every one” (OG version)

“This is how Michael Caine speaks” (the Trip)

A large, absent-minded spirit

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