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Live from the Afterlife - Randy and Elissa Bishop-Becker EPISODE 51, 9th March 2021
Five Questions About the Meaning of Existence and Our Potential
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Five Questions About the Meaning of Existence and Our Potential

This conversation is based on five questions which Rikkity had posed to us so we could prepare:

  • What is the essence of existence.?
  • Does existence have comparative states?
  • Does complexity imply better?
  • What if all existence is combined but there’s one piece missing, or one piece left over? The Jigsaw analogy.
  • How does an entity progress in light of the answers to the foregoing questions?

and the text of the conversation:

“Yes, I know we are attempting the daring, trying to do pith while Merc is on the rampage. I saw him leaving town.

 “Ok. Have you pondered? [E: You might call it that] [R: Well, my mind meandered a bit – is that good enough?] [E: I tried I did real well for a few minutes lol] Have you printed out the questions? [twice! Three time] Show me. I just wanted to refresh my mind, ha. What mind. Let’s get started.

 “What is the essence of existence? Anyone. Buehler. [E: connections] Connections to what? This is going to be an idio-socratic model. [R: a long time ago you said the essence was information] I did! I did? But information about what? Ha. [E: meaning? ] No. [E: Facebook?] No no. Vladimir. They say Facebook, haha. [E: I thought of information, also meaning. Meaningful, enhancing connections.] Meaningful connections of what? [R: It’s going to be a long afternoon, isn’t it.] It is [E: Of spirit] Spirit is an expression. [E: energy?] Energy is an expression. [R: Hot fudge?] Don’t I wish.

 “Ok, the essence of existence is potential. There are an infinite number of possibilities and also an infinite number of constructive connections of those possibilities. But it is the potential. The information is about what to do with that potential. And meaningful info is about what to do with that potential that leads to more potential. If possibility is limited, then the info is limited. Remember your physical AND spiritual being are just singular examples among an infinitude of potential existences. It’s not all about you! Ok, onward.

 “Comparative states. [R: Does existence have comparative states? E: My thought was no, not unless they’re subjective.] ‘Or unless they’re West Virginia.’ CT! [E: There are less enhancing, less self-sustaining possibilities.] Come on. [E: But that’s largely subjective except the way they affect those around them.] Really? This is a trick question because the answer is yes and no. No, basically because all existence flows holistically from the same potential, so you can’t say that is more real than that. But yes, as you said, expressions of potential are comparative not based on complexity but rather on enhanceability. And the simplest entity and the whole of All are measured by its enhancement of possibility. Next.

 [R: “Does complexity imply better?] I just answered that. I anticipated.

“[R: OK now - What if all existence is combined but there’s one piece missing or one piece left over? Jigsaw analogy. [E: Do you want to answer that? R: I do! Can’t happen, it wouldn’t be true to its definition. So if there’s one piece leftover or one piece missing it means the construct has not been totally achieved. E: It’s not all combined by definition.] Righto old chap. Which is one of the struggles at every level of complexity. Come together into a new entity and if there is some aspect missing or some aspect not fitting into the realization of the fullest potential, and existence strives to be self-correcting. At each level of complexity the entities are either whole and complete or they do not become more complex. And the process at the first connection of totally separate entities and the ultimate connecting of All That Is abides to this. All That Is must be all–no holes and no leftovers. And to get to that grand unity, all elements of it must also be thus. O boy, I used ‘thus’! CT told me I would never use thus, and I said ‘Thou bitest thine tongue.’ And he pointed out he had no tongue. It was a long eon. Ok, and the fifth of the foregone questions.

 [R:“How does an entity progress in light of the answers to the foregoing questions?] [E: By always moving in the direction of being aware of potential and possibilities in any being or situation.] Or not... never forgetting... no no no, always... [E: check your references] {an allusion to the movie ‘Real Genius’}seeking to fulfill the potential at hand in the most inclusive way. Even a wee wittle denial has ripple effects. Doubt your capacity to use potential, exclude some possibility, ignore connections, and the whole of existence grinds to a halt... well, not really, but the organic transformation of potential into being is delayed. That it is!

 “[E: So lack of awareness about how to do that or where the potential is or what the options are keeps us from progressing.] And the necessary awareness is a process of guess what? [R: Learning and remembering?] Bingo. First you have to learn that you are not inclusively aware and remember that in encounters with potential. And also here’s the clinker: aware that past inclusive connections of potential may no longer be so inclusive. It’s an infinitely long process of achievement and then greater awareness that dims the achievement. And I’ve had it, the dealing with this while Merc is... o I just have had it. Ambrosia time!