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012 - Does language affect how we think?
4th April 2022 • Intergalactic Tarboush • Iyad El-Baghdadi and Ahmed Gatnash
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Iyad and Ahmed delve into the relationship between language and thought, discuss ideas about a potential Arabic-language podcast, and even pivot to modern discoveries about the Earth's mantle; in true Intergalactic Tarboush form.

Episode Timetags:

00:00 - Does language affect thought?

03:30 - Arabic & translating vs. rewriting

05:50 - The decline of the Arabic-language public sphere

07:45 - An Arabic-language Kawaakibi Foundation podcast?

08:20 - How Iyad's son navigates being quadrilingual

11:30 - Is Hisham Matar an "Arabic writer"?

16:00 - Strange blobs in the Earth's mantle

20:30 - The Quran on the moon "splitting"